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TouchWiz Home is starting fresh with a new name: Samsung Experience Home. Samsung Experience Home is an official launcher that provides a user interface optimised for Galaxy devices by incorporating Samsung's high level of user convenience and unique styles into the Android OS. Rather than offering complicated settings, Samsung Experience Home has carefully arranged just the features and customisation settings that are absolutely necessary to deliver a Home screen and Apps screen that are perfect for Galaxy devices. Samsung always strives to find better options for customers that offer the perfect balance between the familiar and the new. Meet the better-looking Samsung Experience Home that blends familiarity with newness.
• Use Landscape view on the Home screen and Apps screen!
Now you no longer need to rotate your smartphone every time you want to watch a video or play a game.
You can now also use Landscape view, which has only been available on the Galaxy S9/S9+ devices running Android Oreo. (We are planning to support Landscape view on other certain models, such as the Galaxy S7/S7 Edge, in our next update.)
To use Landscape view, go to [Home screen settings], and then disable the [Portrait mode only] option.
• A new style of app icon badge and notification method.
You can now select a number badge or dot-like badge as the app icon badge type.
Badges and notifications are synced to each other, so if you delete a notification from the notification panel, the corresponding badge displayed in the top right corner of the relevant app icon will be also removed.
• Long-press an app icon.
You can use key features of an app directly from the Home screen without opening the app. (Applies to certain apps only.)
• Choose from a more diverse range of colours and transparency levels for folders.
If you want a colour that goes well with the wallpaper, or just something new, try adding a colour to the folder.
• Add App pairs to the Home screen.
Do you have apps that you use frequently in multi-window mode? You can now launch two frequently used apps at the same time.
※ The features described above require an update to Android 8.0 Oreo or above.
• Swipe up and down the screen. You can switch to the Apps screen from any screen.
• Choose to use only the Home screen, without a separate Apps screen. If you don't like using the Home screen and Apps screen separately, you can choose to show all apps on the Home screen instead.
• Edit icons and widgets more quickly and easily. You can now move or delete multiple icons or folders at once.
 • Hide apps without deleting them. If you have apps that you don't want to see but shouldn't delete, you can now simply hide them.
• Meet wallpapers and themes specifically made for Galaxy devices. Long-press on any empty space on the Home screen to make a change.
• Try Secure Folder and Game Launcher too.
※ The available features may differ depending on the device or OS version.

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